How to Accept Personal Responsibility For Your Life

Today’s article is on accepting personal responsibility. Most people dread accepting responsibility. That’s just a fact of life, and we can see it in operation every day. Yes, we can see avoidance of responsibility all the time in both our personal and professional lives. And here’s something else we can see just as often: we can see that most people aren’t as successful as they wish they were. Do you see there is a connection between these two very common phenomena?

It’s in your best interest to take responsibility for everything you do. But that’s only the beginning. Many times it’s even best to take responsibility for the mistakes of others, especially when you’re in a managerial or leadership role. I’ve always felt that accepting responsibility is one of the highest forms of human maturity. A willingness to be accountable, to put yourself on the line, is really the defining characteristic of adulthood.

What is accepting personal responsibility?
Accepting personal responsibility includes:
* Acknowledging that you are solely responsible for the choices in your life.
* Accepting that you are responsible for what you choose to feel or think.
* Accepting that you choose the direction for your life.
* Accepting that you cannot blame others for the choices you have made.
* Tearing down the mask of defense or rationale for why others are responsible for who you are, what has happened to you and what you are bound to become.
* The rational belief that you are responsible for determining who your are, and how your choices affect your life.
* Pointing the finger of responsibility back to yourself and away from others when you are discussing the consequences of your actions.
*Realizing that you determine your feelings about any events or actions addressed to you, no matter how negative they seem.
* Recognizing that you are your best cheerleader; it is not reasonable or healthy for you to depend on others to make you feel good about yourself.
* Recognizing that as you enter adulthood and maturity, you determine how your self-esteem will develop.
* Not feeling sorry for the “bum deal” you have been handed but taking hold of your life and giving it direction and reason.
* Letting go of your sense of over responsibility for others.
* Protecting and nurturing your health and emotional well being.
* Taking preventive health oriented steps of structuring your life with time management, stress management, confronting fears and burnout prevention.
* Taking an honest inventory of your strengths, abilities, talents, virtues and positive points.
* Developing positive, self-affirming, self-talk scripts to enhance your personal development and growth.
* Letting go of blame and anger toward those in your past who did the best they could, given the limitations of their knowledge, background and awareness.
* Working out anger, hostility, pessimism and depression over past hurts, pains, abuse, mistreatment and misdirection.

What behavior traits need to be developed in order to accept personal responsibility? In order to accept personal responsibility you need to develop the ability to:
* Seek out and to accept help for yourself.
* Be open to new ideas or concepts about life and the human condition.
* Refute irrational beliefs and overcome fears.
* Affirm yourself positively.
* Recognize that you are the sole determinant of the choices you make.
* Recognize that you choose your responses to the people, actions and events in your life.
* Let go of anger, fear, blame, mistrust and insecurity.
* Take risks and to become vulnerable to change and growth in your life.
* Take off the masks of behavior characteristics behind which you hide low self-esteem.
* Reorganize your priorities and goals.
* Realize that you in charge of the direction your life takes.

What are the steps in accepting personal responsibility?

Step A » Identify your beliefs that prevent acceptance of
responsibility for yourself. Develop new, rational, replacement beliefs to help you accept responsibility for yourself.

quote-Jim-Rohn-you-must-take-personal-responsibility-you-cannot-89430Step B » Develop a plan of action. For each area of your life, identify that tools you will use to accept personal responsibility. The following Tools for Coping tools are available to help you determine your action plan: The Tools for Coping Tool Box. Handling Irrational Beliefs
* Self-Affirmations
* Handling Guilt
* Building Trust
* Handling Insecurity
* Becoming Vulnerable
* Overcoming Fears
* On Becoming a Risk Taker
* Spirituality
* Time Management
* Stress Reduction
* Preventing Burnout
* Overcoming Perfectionism

P.S: Write your plan of action in your journal. Date and sign it. You are now ready to begin accepting personal responsibility.

Have a nice day!

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