The opportunity is in the problem

We all hate problems without knowing that problems are the reason for every personal development we make. How we see and respond to a problem will determine how long we will stay in the problem. Problem is an opportunity to step into your promise land. The moment I see a problem, I immediately begin to think about the opportunities that can be created by trying to solve it. Our successes is not measured by the absence of problem but how high you bounce back when you hit the ground. Success begins when you look out for a human need and you reach out to meet that need. The best attitude is better than the best aptitude.

Are you concerned about power cuts?…… There is an opportunity for you!
Are you concerned about accommodation? ……There is an opportunity for you!
Are you concerned about security? ……. There is an opportunity for you!
Are you concerned about hunger?……. There is an opportunity for you!
Are you concerned about money? …….There is an opportunity for you!
I can go on but you will only get exhausted, in every problem lies a great opportunity for you. Don’t get trapped in the same problem for too long. One of the reasons why we get trapped is because our mind are closed to the opportunity in the problem. People who are trapped in their problem are very good at making excuses. The most fastest way to turn your problem into an opportunity is admit you have a challenge, take responsibility and stop blaming others. Don’t attend the self- pity party and never indulge in self-pity. Self- pity is decaying trap and once you indulge in it, you will develop the wilderness complex. There is no problem out there that does not present an opportunity for you to improve the lives of others, and become successful. You know that problem; you have been seeing, and perhaps even complaining about? It is your opportunity!

Study problems, with a view to finding solutions. This applies whether it is in the work place, in your business, or simply in the community. You may not be able to solve the whole problem, but you can contribute something, towards solving that problem, or making the situation better. The secret of solving every problem is found is self- control. My mentor told me that a tap that has no control becomes a nuisance and I took my time to study most of the problem in our world today and I found out that the main source is from lack of control and lack of temperance. Life is not all about doing what you like but doing what you must do and not doing what you must not do. Self- control is ability to make yourself do the things you have to do when it should be done, even when you don’t want to do it or you don’t have the right feelings of doing it.

Finally, the greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into a great opportunity. The best solution you can find is in the problems around you every day. The reason you can see that problem, is because there is something in you that can help solve that problem. Many of my major problems and challenges in life has turned to be my greatest opportunities for exploit. It is my responsibility to open my mind and see the opportunities these problems can be. This task can only be accomplished within the atmosphere of GRATITUDE. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to show some act of gratitude.


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