Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. –John Wooden

People’s attitude determine how they approach everything in life everyday, your attitude in life determines how successful you will be and how far you will go in life. Most of life experiences are based on expectations in life. Expect the best, and that’s what you’ll get.

Success is a journey, not a destination and the building of good character and attitude are very important when we have setbacks that’s what we fall back on. Character and attitude are the foundations and backbone on which success is built.

Most people approach success from the outside in. But to achieve real success, you have to do it from the inside out. Focus on your character, and your whole life changes for good. Changes in character and attitude towards life brings happiness, success and power, while external improvement are merely cosmetic make-up and will quickly fade away with time.

Many of us have characters and attitude that hinders us from achieving success, and then we blame other people, event and circumstances instead of working on ourselves. Successful people don’t just achieve success overnight. Being successful requires focused actions, personal discipline, paying the price(sacrifice), and a lot of energy everyday to make things happen.

Always be prepared for opportunities in the things you want in life because you don’t know exactly when life will present the opportunities. Whatever you need to do to get ready, start now no matter how little or what you can start with that moves you closer to what you want and use the powers of intention while doing the right thing.

None of us seem to make much progress in this world by living at either extreme. If nothing is deemed important outside of what one can touch, then relationships deteriorate and personal growth stalls. One has to be present and active in the world, with a sense of purpose, striving with inner and outer conflicts for relationships to flourish and personal growth to occur. We learn about mountains by climbing them, not by observing them from afar.

Change usually happens slowly,one step at a time. change from good to bad happens more faster because its easy. People need firm foundations to support them during times of change: social, family, motivational, wisdom, spiritual and mental. But change also happens during crisis, such as abuse, when there is powerful motivation to change.


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