We live in curious times, where people are interested in one thing or the other but the most important thing is how relevant what it is in our lives. It’s called the Age of Information, but in another light it can be called the Age of Distraction.
A lot of times, the only difference between someone who is successful and someone who isn’t is that the successful person possesses a laser beam of extreme focus which is capable of removing any obstacle.
The world we live in makes it easy to become sidetracked by things that steal our attention and make us less effective in relationships or as business people. A lot of people operate in “overwhelmed” mode. They become mired in their daily activities, unable to get off the hamster wheel of meetings and reactionary emails and calls. Their true professional goals begin to drift farther and farther away, and they try to compensate by robbing time and attention from their personal lives.

Focus is not something that comes naturally for most people; it is a skill that requires mental discipline. It must be learned, refined and practiced. Focus takes intentionality. But in order to take the intentional steps necessary to get what you want, you must first understand exactly what that is. You have to develop a vision.
Write out a clear and authentic vision for your life and refer to it often. This first crucial exercise enables willing changes in behavior. The second step involves identifying and concentrating on what really matters as you work to fulfill your vision and filter out the distractions that hinder its progress. That’s focus.
Success truly hinges on the ability to cut through the clutter and emphasize the high-leverage activities that are the backbone of reaching your vision. If you can do that, you will be able to act and accomplish your vision results faster.
Get rid of distractions

Distractions is list of weeds in our life and weeds are unwanted substances which compete for more attention, time and focus in our lifes neglecting the most important things we need to be successful.
Distractions are determined to deprive your life of its happiness, grace, peace, wealth and abundance. Always be at alert to spare yourself the traps of distractions that come from television programmes, gossip, aimless wanderings, negative conversation, destructive emotions, condemnable desire, , filthy books, unhealthy friendships, immodest exposure, indecent activities, prohibited attachments, dangerous intentions and interpretation laced with pessimism.

Distraction posses alluring power to take your eyes off what is good and make you bad. They posses invisible traps to drag you to what is forbidden and make you a captive. Hence get rid of distractions as fast as you can so that you can achieve your goals.

P.S:Reading this new post today is as a result of my focus, that I must write a new post that will improve the lives of the people around me and beyond.


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