I have written a lovely article on the reasons why I hate taking too much or chatting for long hours, I’m sure you want to read…. let’s get started.

I don’t talk to much because I love making important decisions and taking actions. I have noticed in life that most people love to talk and chat throughout the day without taking actions, during arguments they know something about everything but are not really doing anything worthwhile with their lives. Most times we have long meetings and discussions without having tangible results because we don’t take necessary actions.

” Heaven will never helps the man who will not act – Sophocles”

It’s a common saying that heaven helps those who help themselves which implies that we must take responsibilities for the things we have to do instead of blaming and waiting for someone else to do it for you. At some point in our lives we have to stop talking, stop planning, stop thinking, stop waiting for the perfect time and opportunities and actually do something to move forward in life.

The world rewards action, not thought, the world rewards implementation not ideas. The world doesn’t pay you for what you know, the world pays you for what you do. The world doesn’t reward you for your imagination, the world rewards you for your actions and achievements. You must put your thoughts and words to action before your dreams can become realities. You need to take actions today, no matter how small because those little actions will pile up and enable you to achieve your goals and aspirations through consistency.

Fears are one the reason why people don’t take actions in life. The fear of failure and making mistakes is definitely the biggest obstacles to action in people’s lives. The fear of criticism is one the greatest obstacle to success because most people don’t know how to handle criticism. They are always bothered by what people will say and what people will think about them when they succeed. The fear of success is another reason because most times people are afraid of the adversaries attached to great success in life. If you truly intend to be great in life, then you must push through your fears and just act.

Procrastination is the assassin of opportunities and time in our lives. Procrastination comes from just sitting around, talking and planning yourself to death when you should have started already. You must stop procrastinating and do something now to move your life forward, because today is the perfect day you have to get started on your journey to greatness. Procrastination can be traced back to our fears, mindset, laziness or self- esteem issues. Always remember that no one will celebrate you for what you said you will do but for what you have done. So get up and take actions NOW!


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