Always Try Again

How do winners win? How did they do it? How did they get where they did? Certainly not by complaining about their lot in life, or by crying about how tough life was or about the conditions they faced. They just went out and did it. And in so doing, they were successful.

One of the most telling things about chronic whiners is they complain about their woes so much that they tend to sap the energy of others who are trying to get on with their lives. When one of these habitual whiners leaves, you can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from the others in the area! Another trait one sees in people, who find it hard to succeed, is that they have an excuse for their lack of productivity. Whiners make excuses why they weren’t able to do something; winners just get on with it and finish the job!

In every aspect of life and in every career path, there will be hurdles and pitfalls to overcome. Even the best will knock over a hurdle or fall into a pit occasionally. Also we all have our downward spiral days, days on which things are just getting too much for us. It is these days that we have to have the fortitude to get through. The fixation should be on the goal, not on the troubled path we walk on.

To get on with it and get where we want to be demands the right attitude. And, this is something we cannot switch on and off at will. Attitudes need to be good all the time and this entails some degree of persistence!

Attitudes are your filtering mechanism for everything that affects you directly or indirectly. How you see the world around you and the world within is what is important. There is too much going on to be sure that everything is going to go your way every time and this because you are not in control. What is important is how you view these happenings and how you feel about them because these will help you to deal with the downs as well as the ups!

Building a positive attitude will make you happier, more successful and collect happier and more positive people around you. Doing this may seem difficult, but these pointers may be of use.

The best way to distract yourself from your own personal and mind-swamping problems is to plunge into helping others with theirs. People are always ready to accept a helping hand, and as you begin to help them, you will find that your own problems recede into the background. Often, in the course of your helping, you will find a solution to your own tribulations! Selflessness is always rewarded by untold peace of mind! Have Happy Goals! Look forward for something good that you expect to happen! It could be anything, a letter from a friend, winning a lottery, meeting an old flame, a college reunion, anything, just the anticipation of something exciting can trigger a release of adrenaline that will bring the glint back into your eyes! Being in a pleasurable state of excitement will spur you to view the task you have before you with winning confidence!

Sometimes, taking a step back or going onto an off-planet mode is not enough, especially if you are deeply affected by the problem. The best thing to do in this case is to go away and chill! I don’t mean you drop everything and run away from your problems, nothing could be more fatal! No, what I mean is to get up, go out for a walk or a drive to blow away the cobwebs in your mind so that you can mull the problem and come up with an innovative solution to the problem. There’s nothing better for traffic jams than an open road!

Remember that failure is not the line of least resistance; it’s the line of least persistence! Success is a long uphill journey, but once you’re there, you can coast merrily, all the way to your own self-set goal!


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