In the summer of 1970, he was a college dropout, lacking purpose and direction. Upon a random trip to a local book store, he discovered Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, as well as a few other books and tapes by other well-known motivational speakers, most notably Zig Ziglar. The subject matter was life-changing. He was motivated by all he learnt from the motivational books and tapes, thus he sought a sales career in the insurance industry. And within ten years, he was running his own company. By March 1981, he had achieved one of his dreams of obtaining his pilot’s license and had bought his own airplane. On March 10, 1981, he took a leisurely flight. Without any warning, the plane’s engine lost power, causing an eerie hiss, and he tried to maneuver the aircraft back toward the airstrip, but as he approached the runway, the plane flew through a low-hung set of power lines, and the plane crashed to the ground, and flipped over. This serious accident left him with a broken cervical vertebrae, he became paralyzed, unable to move from head to foot, he couldn’t talk or swallow anything, he could not even breathe on his own expect with the help of machines. All he could do was blink his eyes. He became a living vegetable! The doctors predicted that he will never be able to do anything again expect to blink his eyes, but he was determined to fully recover no matter what the so called experts say. He began communicating his thoughts to his sister by blinking his eyes to a series of charts which contained the alphabet and other important subjects, but this was still insufficient compared to speech. About some weeks later, he was determined to speak. But he will have to start all over again like a new born baby. Understanding speech required the ability to breathe; he had to find a way to breathe despite the permanent damage to his diaphragm. So after weeks of intense practice, voluntarily using other abdominal muscles, he was finally able to take his first breath without the use of a machine. Next, with the help of speech therapists he was able to utter a single word – “Mama”. Two months later, with more intense therapy, he began to learn how to eat again. On July 6, 1981, despite head doctors’ insistence that his spinal cord had been permanently damaged to the point that his left side would never move again, he vowed he would walk once more, and would be home by Christmas. So he obtained permission to use the hospital’s physical therapy section every day, earlier before they usually open. He continued to work to improve his leg muscle strength and stamina until he could stand on his own. Finally, after several weeks, against all odds and doctors’ reports, Morris E. Goodman was able to walk unassisted, and was discharged on November 13, 1981 (less than 9months). Dear reader, I don’t know what it is you are going through, it may be you have been told that you can never be this or that, but I want you to know that no one can determine the outcome of your life better than yourself. So gear up, cheer up and be determined to do that which you intend to do, be determined to be all you want to be. Don’t ever allow the negative words of others discourage you from achieving your set goals. You alone own the remote control to your life’s TV; learn to flip the channel to what you want. You are the next miracle person in the making. Mr. Motivator’s Articles Collection Vol.1 Page 25 Hope you have learnt something today? Don’t forget to email your comments to me or post it on my facebook wall. (By the way, I want to challenge you to read the book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, and also get to watch the movie: The Secret, a documentary film by Rhonda Byrne, and I promise you your life will be positively transformed for sure). Till next time my dear friend. Remain ever success-full. “As long as you have your mind intact, you are capable of achieving anything. What you choose to think about, you’ll eventually bring to reality in your life!” – MORRIS E. GOODMAN (THE MIRACLE MAN)

Till next time. Remain success-full.


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