While, I was thinking of what to post for this month’s article, I remembered I was counseling a fan of mine some weeks ago; who had a problem trying to figure out what his life on earth is all about. Well things have been straightened out, but out of the long talk we had, I just want to pick out some keynotes for your own motivational digest. Get motivated and learn from them: Though you were born naked, you were never born empty. You were born with the gene of a megastar and the cells of a superstar, indeed, you’ve got all it takes to shine, and all you need is to start where you are by using what you have. Most people don’t understand the purpose of their creation because they underestimate their creator; you just need to understand that you are of a royal lineage. You alone posses the official ownership to the remote control of your life, you alone should have the right to flip the channel of your life, no one else! Don’t dream to be a local winner, when you were born to be a global champion! Whoever does not understand or support your dream, please show them the door out of your vicinity, and keep on moving on towards achieving your dream. The outcome of your life is up to you, if you allow other people to label you; they can limit you to the lowest level ever. Don’t you dare allow anyone paint a terrible picture of a terrible future for you. Paint your own picture of what you want your own future to be like. Accept your own personally painted mind picture of your future! Never let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality. Never give anyone the right to speak negatively into your life. It’s only the unwise that will adhere to all he/she hears. It is never about what anyone says about you, it’s about what your maker says about you. It is not about the pronouncement of anyone on you, but what you decide to believe about yourself. Whatsoever you believe on the inside, you become on the outside as well. You can only become great and unlimited if you will believe that there is something on your inside that is super superior to every limiting external circumstances around you. Your capacity for intelligence and imagination is unlimited. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals if you have the right mental attitude. And without the right attitude, true success will certainly be far from you. Your passport to a success-full future lies in a positive “can-do” attitude. You alone have the right to pick your attitude, no one can do that for you, and you need to be wise enough to pick the right attitude possible, no matter the situation you find yourself from now on.  Congratulation my dear friend, you have now been crowned and given the scepter that can either beat you up or build you up! It’s up to you to choose which one. Remember, you are a super product of motivation, and even though you were born naked, you were never ever born empty!

Till next time. Remain success-full.


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