Kemi Nelson was a hardworking Nigerian lady, in her mid 20s, each day she puts in long, hard hours as a cleaner at a four-star hotel downtown, Houston, Texas. She worked even at extra hours just to earn some extra money to cater for her family of four. One day, the manager of the hotel, Ben C. Williams, came to her and said, “K. Nelson (as she was popularly called), you have been working extra hard ever since you started this job. I will like to have you moved to another section of the hotel where you will work less and still earn more than you do now. Are you interested?” Kemi thought of it for a second and said, “I am truly interested, sir. But, do you mind giving the offer to my dear friend Tomi Bode? She needs this kind of job more than I do” Mr. Ben was deeply moved by the words of Kemi. Tomi Bode was indeed a fragile lady who was also in her mid 20s; her personality cannot bear the work stress of the cleaners department of the hotel. After a little more persuasion from Kemi, Mr. Ben moved Tomi to the better session of the hotel meant for Kemi. Some months later, a new branch of the hotel was established in grand style, as a seven-star hotel, Mr. Ben was nominated by the management board of the hotel to head the new seven-star hotel, and he was asked to pick someone hardworking and reliable to assist him at the new branch. Mr. Ben didn’t need to think twice who he needed to pick as his assistance, he picked none other than Kemi Nelson. Kemi worked side by side with Mr. Ben till he retired and the managerial post was taken over by the ever zealous, hardworking and friendly Kemi Nelson, who remained the award winning manager of one of America’s most beautiful and well patronized hotels. Lessons to learn: Where ever you find yourself, show everyone (not just someone) real love. One great reason we exist as humans is to show love without holding back. Treat others well likewise you would treat yourself. Go the extra ‘die-hard’ mile for those that really need your help, your time, your money, your care and your love. You are an embodiment of love, so transmit it freely! My dear friend, that’s the true heart of love. Have you learnt more lessons from this story? Then simply email them to me or post it on my facebook wall. (http://facebook.com/kaysuccess1)

Till next time. Remain success-full.


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