“A smile is like a boomerang, it’s always returned” ~ Culled from 1001 top KaySuccess’ Quotes ~

Getting up as early as possible, Sarah Sams beats every possible hold up that can keep her from getting early to the interview venue this beautiful morning. Sarah got to the office 15 minutes to the set time; she was determined to get the job as the company’s sales manager. She was quite engulfed in her thoughts as she took her sit amidst other applicants. Applicants has been asked to send in their CVs two weeks before the final screening, and with what she has heard, most of the other applicants were better qualified than she was. But Sarah was determined not to be by that. After hours of the screening session, the applicants were told the right person for the post; sales manager, will be contacted and notified when to start the job. Guess who got the job? Yes! You guessed right. Our dear Sarah Sams got the post to be the sales manager of this multi-million dollar company with a fat monthly pay check attached to it. After several months of being in the office, Sarah got to talk with one of the people that interviewed her, at the company’s annual end-of-the-year—party (where she was to receive a ‘manager-of-the-year’ award). Ed the interviewer told her, “Indeed every other applicant that day could as well qualify for the sales manager’s post, but there was something different that we saw in you that others lacked”. Sarah curiously asked what it was that made her stand out from others. And according to Ed, Sarah got the job of sales manager not only because of her credentials but proudly because of her simple but ever showing SMILE! A smile is the costliest secret ingredient to a beautiful, wrinkle-less and youthful look. No cosmetic can ever beat the effective power of a smile. Even beauticians, make-up artist and cosmetic makers all over the world can testify to the magical beautifying power of putting on a smile and laughing every day. Laughter is the only medicine that needs no money to buy, has no unpleasant taste, easy to use, without a doctor’s prescription. When a pessimist forgets to laugh, the optimist always laughs to forget. One of the most wasted days you can have is the day you failed to laugh or smile, so you need to laugh. The way the corners of your mouth turns determines how your day’s happy outcome. Our smiles illuminate our world brighter than the sun. A smile a day makes the doctor go broke; and when you make laughter a part of you, the hospitals will eventually shut down!

When you frown you invite wrinkles upon your face earlier than usual because you put your facial muscle under stress. But when you smile, those muscles on your face are relaxed and thus wrinkles are far away on a journey of no return. Herbert Samuel said, “The world is like a mirror; frown at it, it frowns at you. Smile and it smile too”. You need to give a smile to receive one. Doing your daily work without a smile is like driving a car without engine oil in it, after a while, it becomes squeaky, rusty and eventually it knocks down. “Every minute your mouth is turned down you lose 60 seconds of happiness” – says Tom Walsh Your smile is the best expression you can wear, it compliment the beauty of your dressing. Going out without a smile makes your dressing incomplete! A smile is an asset; a frown is sheer liability. Let your smile show and glow better than Da Vinci’s painting: The Mona Lisa! From this day onward, always remember that true happiness and joy is not how white your teeth are, but how wide you spread your lips! Laugh a little more and smile even more, for it’s another secret key to success. KEEP SMILING!

He who knows no smile, drowns in sadness Nile He who knows no laugh, breaks in half! Laugh and smile, it breaks sadness in half and goes a long mile Laugh and smile, it brightens you more than half a mile! ~ Culled from 1001 top KaySuccess’ Quotes ~

Till next time. Remain success-full.


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