Readers are leaders. Everybody, no, only the wise know that readers are leaders. All great people are great readers. If you don’t read you can never lead. Reading puts you ahead of your contemporaries, (friends and peer group). The books you read determine whether you will be read by the world too or not. You are a reflection of the types of books you read. It’s not wrong to be a bookworm. In fact, I believe it pays to be a bibliophile. When I was a kid I have and read cartons of books, even up till now! As a person, reading is necessary for living. Yes! That’s right if you are willing to live, you need to cultivate a habit to read. The more you read, the more you develop your mind. And as your mind is been developed, you’ll start manifesting in a new realm entirely. Reading opens your mind into finding, inventing, discovering or originating something new. Reading of books, novels, ebooks, booklets, manuals, pamphlets, journals, and articles in newspapers, magazines, and the internet; opens you to new revelations, new ideas, new inspiration, new insights, new words and new visions. When you read, you are learning in a matter of minutes or hours, (depending on how long it takes you to read), what the author(s) have taken years to experience and compile together; years of trials, errors, failure and success. Remember, information is power. The more you read, the more you get informed. If you don’t get to know, you’ll never go with the success flow! And if you are not informed, you’ll get intellectually deformed!

Till next time. Remain success-full.


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