It was a beautiful bright sunny day in Singapore; everyone going about their daily chores and business. But somewhere in a five star hotel is a serious minded businessman working with so much enthusiasm on his state-of-the-art laptop. You may wonder, what brings so much excitement to this good looking businessman who is all alone enjoying his brief weekend in this exclusive hotel room. He is surfing through the internet, on a particular auction site popularly known as “eBay”. This particular morning he is seeking to be the highest bidder, the bid starts from $250 and rises to $750, this eager Singapore businessman intercepted quickly and bids twice the price, $1500. The price kept increasing, on and on, from $1500 to $4700, $7900……. $12,390… $17,850… $50,799… $100,000… $155,000… $202,000… going, going, gone! And at last, the Singaporean wins the bid! What a price! In Nigerian currency, that’s about N30.3 million! Wait a minute, you may be wondering; what exactly is this man willing to let go of $202,000 (N 30.3million) for? Could it be the latest silver coated Rolls-Royce? Or is it a beautiful 10-bedroom mansion in Dubai? Maybe he acquired a huge part of a Russian oil company’s shares? Or is it just a luxurious custom made private jet? No, not at all; none of the above. This wise Singapore businessman just won the rare bid to have a once in a lifetime private lunch with his number one mentor: Warren Buffet (the richest man in the world 2008 and the single greatest investor of all time). Whoa! You may call this man a crazy rich fool. But I call him a wise rich investor, who knows the power of mentorship. I bet it with you that after this private lunch with Warren Buffet, this businessman will earn back double or even more his money through, tips, advice, secrets, guidance, success and failure testimonies or experiences and connections (both local and international) from this world richest man. You need to understand that there are two ways to acquire wisdom, “You either buy it or borrow it”. By buying it, you pay full price in terms of time and cost to learn the lessons you need to learn. And by borrowing it, you go to those men and women who have already paid the price to learn the lessons and get their wisdom from them – they are your mentors! First and foremost, who really is a mentor? A mentor is someone with more experience in a particular sector or field of life than you who serves as a trusted confidante over an extended period of time, usually free of charge. A mentor is the person you look up to. You trust his/her opinion and he/she provides advice, wise counsel, and a listening ear to what you have to say and provides strategic direction for you. Your mentor sometimes have heard what you have not heard, seen what you have not seen, knows what you do not know. Your mentor is someone whose advice you should be willing to follow. Your mentor is someone who has been where you want to go. He has done things which you are yet to do or accomplish. So therefore, this will qualify him/her to guide and counsel you.

Mentors can bring you a level of performance and achievement. They provide a form of accountability and focused attention that can be hard to get in other ways, when the winds of change and daily demands swirl around you, and threaten never to give you a moment’s peace. Mentors can help you overcome challenges that have seemed insolvable, and time pressures that somehow result in the urgent overwhelming the important. Next, who is a Mentee? A mentee is the person who is being mentored. Mentees share responsibility for the success of their mentoring experience and relationship with their mentor and mentoring group. How do you choose the right mentor? Let’s see some tips on how to choose the right mentor for yourself:

1. Choose someone you respect, admire and want to be like.

2. Choose someone who is ready to help you in every way possible to achieve your personal goals.

3. Choose someone who is ready to invest effectively in you till you succeed.

4. Choose someone who has high degree of intelligence, integrity, judgment and wisdom.

5. Look for positive strength in a potential mentor that you want developed in you.

6. Choose someone you can rely on his or her character, ability, truth and strength.

7. Choose someone who is loyal to relationships and able to keep confidentiality

8. Choose someone who demonstrates a good and godly character.

9. Choose someone who genuinely cares about you as a person choose someone who really wants you to be successful in your endeavors.

10. Choose someone who is willing to correct you in areas you need to be corrected.

Success cannot be achieved in isolation. You cannot achieve greatness as a loner. The proverb book of mega rich king Solomon quotes that, “Iron sharpens iron”. So to be strong as iron in your area or field you need a mentor to sharpen you up. Whatever you want to do, just look for someone that has done it successfully, learn how he/she did it and repeat the process for your own success. Denis Waitley illustrates with this quote, “When you meet a mastermind, become a master mime, and learn all you can about how he or she succeeded”. Now some people you look up to as mentors may have a positive good side as well as the negative bad side of them. You definitely don’t need to be told that you are only meant to emulate his/her positive side and ignore the negative aspect. For example: you love singing and your dream is to someday be a top singing star. And the celebrity you admire and take as a mentor sings so well but has a drinking problem or a bad dress code. You just learn his/her singing style and drop every other bad habit he/she may possess. Try this. Ask seven low class people if they have a mentor in their life. Then ask another seven very successful people if they have a mentor in their life. It won’t be a surprise if most of the successful people do and the low class people don’t. One of the main reasons why successful people have become what they are is because they understand the power of having a mentor. If you don’t understand why it’s so important, ask one of those successful people that do have a mentor why it’s important. They have learnt to raise high in life using the shoulder of a mentor as a stepping stone.

Let’s reflect back on the story at the start of this article. How much money and time will you be willing to put down to meet with your mentors? You don’t necessarily have to bid huge amount of money like the Singapore businessman, but you can put down money to meet with your mentors in these various affordable ways:

1. Buy and read their books and project works: Set aside at least 2-5% of your income to buy books written by mentors. When you read books you’ll learn in a matter of hours or days, what took the author years of experience and sleepless nights to compile as a book for you to read and act on for great results. Don’t just buy their materials (CDs, DVDs, books, audios, seminars etc.); make sure you put into action whatever you learn.

2. Read and know his/her biography: Get to know your mentor well, get to know when he/she was born, his/her childhood life, failure and mistakes, how he/she overcame challenges and eventually succeeded. You can easily check the internet for detailed biography of your mentors. Website like is a great one. You can also view your mentor’s daily or weekly activities on their personal websites. (If you do not know their website, just go to and type in their full name, you’ll definitely find their website). In fact, in this age of information technology, you can as well follow them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Hi5. Just add them as your friend or fans (if they are there) and you’ll get feedbacks from them daily or weekly.

3. Attend free or paid seminars, workshop and trainings programs: Have your eyes and ears open to know when your mentor organizes a seminar, workshop or training whatsoever. This will not only help you understand your niche but it will also bring you closer to your mentor. It doesn’t have to be seminar, workshop or training program that your mentor organizes but also anyone that your mentor recommends or even personally attends. The nutshell is, try to know all he/she knows in every possible way.

4. Help them out in little ways as much as you can: My wisdom Mike Murdock told me; “What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you”. You don’t necessarily need to be known when helping out; there are various ways you can make something happen for your mentors. You can just simply encourage others around you to attend your mentor seminars, buy their books, DVDs or CDs as gift for others. Indirectly you are advertizing your mentors that way. You can even decide to put in some money into your mentor’s bank account anonymously; or you can transfer some credit into their phone (no matter how small). A weekly encouraging SMS or a “happy-new-month” SMS every month isn’t bad. And most importantly, you can put them daily into your prayers. Pray for their business, current and future project, family, finances, lifestyle etc. When you act as an intercessor on their behalf, you find that things will surely begin to work out easily for you without struggle. Remember; do unto others what you want done to you! What you make happen for your mentors, no matter how little, someday others will look up to you as their mentor and do even more for you! Trust me, it works. Try it! I end with this ancient proverb, saying; “A single conversation across a table from a wise mentor is worth a month’s study of books”.

Till next time. Remain success-full.

Article written By Kay Success (Mr Motivator)


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